Linda Hathaway
Third Grade Language Arts/Social Studies
7420 Crownridge Dr.
The Woodlands, TX  77382

Welcome to Third Grade!
Please look for weekly curriculum updates and homework assignments in your email.

Daily Schedule

Announcements     8:00-8:05
Instruction           8:05-9:05
Specials                9:05-9:55
Instruction           9:55-11:15
Switch 11:15          
Recess  11:15-11:45
Lunch 11:45-12:15
Instruction 12:15-2:30
PAWS  2:30-3:00
Dismissal 3:10
Important Information
Tardies and Absences    School begins at 8:00
Every day is an important day at school; something new is always being taught. Even the first ten or fifteen minutes of each day can affect your childs success. Students who arrive even a few minutes late tend to be less organized and prepared than the students who arrive on time.

Assignments can be requested if it looks like the excused absence will be more than two days. Please call the office as early as possible to request homework. It will be in the office by dismissal time on that same day.

More information will be given on Parent Information Night, but here are a few things to know for now.
Spelling tests will be given on Thursdays. New lists will go home on Fridays. Students will take a pretest on Friday, and be given challenge words to replace those they got correct on the pretest. Spelling will be tested in the context of reading and writing.

The first and second grading periods will be dedicated to practicing the lower-case cursive letters taught in second grade, as well as learning the formation and connection of the capital cursive letters.

Third graders at Bush Elementary are required to do at-home reading at least 20 minutes per day.

Tuesday Folders
Graded papers will be sent home as needed in the yellow pocket of the Homework Binder. Office notices will be sent in the yellow Tuesday Folder. On a week with a Monday holiday, the Tuesday Folder will be sent on Wednesday.

This folder will usually be packed with information from the school office such as the Bush Banner, important notices, and items from the PTO. It is very important that your child return the Tuesday Folder the next day.

Useful Links
Language Arts

Gifted & Talented
[ http://www.adifferentplace.org ]A Different Place

Social Studies
[ https://www.pearsonsuccessnet.com/snpapp/login/login.jsp ]Social Studies Textbook     
Third Grade Rules:
Be Safe  Be Responsible  Be Respectful
Be Attentive  Follow Directions

Rewards: Appropriate behavior will be recognized with classroom recognition, positive notes, and/or phone calls home, and Consequences: Students who receive three corrections for behavior in the course of one day will bring home a red slip. Your child will have written a sentence on the back of the slip explaining each problem. Please sign and return it the next day, so that the teachers know you are aware of the situation. Children are sent to the office only after many teacher interventions, or immediately, in the case of a serious infraction.

Every Friday, we will send home a red conduct folder. In it you will find a monthly calendar. On the calendar, we will record your child's conduct grade for the week. The chart details specific problems, if any. Please sign the calendar where indicated each week, and return the folder on Monday. We believe this system will give you a clear picture of your childs week. It will also help you understand your child's conduct grade on the report card.      





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