Physical Education- where we create and utilize Positive Energy (P.E.)!       

Kristin A. Renetzky
P.E. Teacher

Please sign up to volunteer for Field Days!
Thursday 8-10:45:1st Grade, Kinder, Mrs. Fedick

Friday May 19th 8-10:45: 4th, 3rd & 2nd Grades

Free football clinic May 13th @ Irons Jr. High with Houston Texan players!  Play safe football clinic!

This year we have a NEW Specials rotation schedule. All students will still have P.E. every other day but will now alternate with Art, Tech, & Music on the non-P.E. days. All students will have 25 minutes of P.E. and a fine arts class every Monday and 55 minutes of P.E. either Tuesday & Thursday or Wednesday & Friday. This allows all students to participate in P.E. three times a week, AND attend each of the fine arts classes every week instead of attending their fine art class for a 3 week rotation.
Your students schedule will repeat every 3 weeks.  The first day 1 is always a Tuesday.

A Group - A - Final.pdf      Dolphin, Sunseri, Anderson, Findley, Abbas.  

B Group - B - Final.pdf      Carrera, Hathaway, T. Johnson, Bruno, Brown             

C Group - C - Final.pdf      DePedro, Costenbader, Bruce, Foley, Davies              

D Group - D - Final.pdf      Corzine, Coker, Landry, Reyna, Norton

E Group - E - Final.pdf      Law, Prebish, O'Donnell, Eads, Samford

F Group - F - Final.pdf      Sellers, Miller, Nettuno, Westmoreland, Kennedy
Mrs. Lawler students come to PE on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and Mrs. Riggs students come to PE on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays.
Mrs. T. Johnson students travel with the other 3rd Grade classes to P.E. and Fine Arts.
Mrs. Everett students travel with the other 2nd Grade classes to P.E. and Fine Arts.

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