Doris Costenbader Teacher
Third Grade
Math and Science
Barbara Bush Elementary
7420 Crownridge
The Woodlands, TX 77382
(936) 7091600
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Google National Library of Virtual Manipulatives- go to number concepts 3-5 base ten blocks subtraction!   WAY COOL!


Greetings! I am honored to be your child's teacher this year, to encourage and love him/her! I graduated from Rutgers College in New Brunswick, N.J. and I obtained my Masters in Elementary Education with a specialization in reading and math.

My husband, Charlie and I moved to Texas in 1999 and  we love it here! Our son,  Kyle is a senior at TCU and our daughter, Kayla will be a junior at Stephen F. Austin. Time flies!

This year, Mrs. Linda Hathaway and I are partners again. Mrs. Hathaway will be teaching Language Arts and Social Studies. I will be teaching Math and Science. I anticipate another wonderful year with my third graders!

I believe each child has been given special gifts.I am looking forward discovering these gifts, as well as building a solid relationship with your and your student. I hope to inspire your child each and every day we are together to become a life-long learner. Together, we can help your child soar! I have high expectations for your student AND for myself!  Please don't hesitate to email me or call to discuss any concerns you have with your child. We are going to have a fabulous year filled with fun and learning. I appreciate parent volunteers very much and encourage you to sign up with the various programs and activities.

NOW is the time for you to keep working with your child, to continue building a solid foundation.

***2016-2017  Our NEW THIRD GRADE schedule:
8:00- 8:10 Arrival and Announcements
8:10- 9:05 Warm-up/ Math Instruction
9:05-9:55 SPECIALS
10-11:35 Instruction (Switch 11:25)
11:40-12:05 Recess
12:05-12:35 LUNCH
12:40-1:10 PAWS
1:10-3:00 Instruction


Tuesday Folders: Most graded papers will be sent home each week in yellow "Tuesday Folder." On a week with a Monday holiday, the Tuesday Folder will be sent on Wednesday. It is very important  that your student return the Tuesday Folder the next day because there may be important notices in there. Also, please review any work/tests with which your student had difficulty.

Homework:  Your student will usually have homework TWO days a week. A homework binder/PLANNER will be sent home nightly. The binder will contain several sections that you will need to check, please.
Occasionally, your student may need help with a homework assignment. We support your willingness to work with your student, but would appreciate a note if you feel your student had a great deal of difficulty with the assignment. This wil let us know if we need to re-teach this concept or skill to your student.

Math Facts: We are aware that some students need to "get back into the swing of things" when school starts- and that includes Math Facts. Please understand we need your help in working with your student each night if they are not displaying fluent (instant) skill in mastering their math facts (addition and subtraction) for the beginning of third grade. We will be moving forward with multiplication and division fluency facts sometime in September/October, and it is impossible to be successful if they are not completely fluent in addition and subtraction. Please help me help your student experience success in higher-level thinking math skills by working on math facts at home! Thank you!

Please read weekly (Sunday) emails in order to anticipate the week's homework, quizzes and tests. I also give you an idea of our current topics of study. If you do not receive my Sunday emails, please email me and I will be happy to add your name to the list. THX! Mrs. Costenbader







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